One-Day-at-a-Time … One Small Change at a Time

One-day-at-a-time. How often have you heard that mantra? And how often have you actually acted on it? It really is how change happens: – one-day-at-a-time.  But we tend to forget that – either 

Heart-Based Time Management Tools: YOU are the Key to Finding Time!

Heart-based time management tools offer a practical and proven path to time success.  And here’s the secret about these tools:  they work from the inside out, not the other way around. Many time management systems offer tips and tricks to help you squeeze the most out of

Springtime Self-Care: Tending Your Garden of Time

Springtime.  Can you feel it?  The air softens as blossoms burst open and green returns to the once-frozen earth.  Vernal pools are alive with activity as windows are opened and thoughts turn to gardens, cookouts, and outdoor chores and recreation.  (And for our 

Crisis Times: Respond Using These 3 Timely Tips

Crisis times come unexpectedly, by definition.  How do you respond?  When it’s someone else’s crisis that strikes, do you find yourself full of feelings and knocked off track? The time challenges that a crisis presents are complex.  But the good news is that a friend or family member’s crisis, while very difficult, doesn’t need to…

Find Time to Outsmart Your Time Gremlins and Break Your Time Traps!

Finding time and breaking out of time traps can require all of your ingenuity, especially when your to do list is overflowing, projects await your attention, and pressures mount. Sometimes stepping back briefly, taking a breath, and finding a fresh approach works wonders. This is especially true if you are tripping yourself up as you…

Find Time to Make Time Choices that Enhance Your Time Success

Finding time to make sure that your time choices are working for your time success (and not against it) is a foundational time management skill. Yesterday we started exploring the 3 P’s of time choices by looking at how being Proactive is a key to time success.  Today I’d like to take a look at the…

Find Time for The Best WordPress Plugins on Cyber Monday

Finding time to make the most of your WordPress Blog or site is always time well spent.  One of the best ways to enhance your WordPress installation is to use the best WordPress plugins available. A quick Google search for, say, “Top WordPress Plugins” will land you a list of possibilities.  Then scan the list…