Internal Boundaries-A Big Key to Your Time Success!

Internal boundaries present challenges for many. The challenges arise both in setting internal boundaries and in maintaining them. And if I had to name a key tool in your time management toolbox, internal boundaries would be right up there near the top of the list.

Time Management Challenges? Check Out the Finding Time E-zine for Monthly Time Tips!

Time management is a daily, and lifetime challenge.  The better we get at it, the more fulfilled and successful we will be – in ALL aspects of our lives. That’s because:  The way you use your time is the way you live your life. So, my passion is sharing time management information with you!  And I love…

Procrastination Puzzler-Ask Paula for Some Timely Tips

Procrastination is a time management challenge that confronts us all at one time or another.  It can be a very frustrating and confounding hurdle that holds us back and keeps us from achieving our goals. Is procrastination something that you struggle with?  Here’s an e-mail that I recently received from a subscriber to 

Find Time to Prepare, Adjust and Carry On When Life Throws You a Curve

Finding time to deal with the curve balls that sometimes come our way is one of the biggest time management challenges you ever face.  Hurricane Irene gave many people in the eastern part of the US a good opportunity to prepare, adjust and carry on this past weekend. How did you fare?  I hope you…

Finding Time to Support Your Friends When Trouble Comes

When trouble comes into the life of a friend or a family member, what do you do? Balancing your needs and responsibilities when others unexpectedly need your help or support presents you with a big time management challenge. And at the same time, being able to offer support and encouragement when it’s needed is an…