Project Preparation – 5 Timely Tips

Starting a project and following it through to completion involves time management skills that translate into lots of other situations, Not long ago I shared a post about finding time to start your project. There are two key components to this enterprise: Getting yourself ready and Preparing your environment. If you neglect either one of these components, it’s going…

Distraction 2014: Is There Any Bigger Thief of Today’s Time?

Distraction is, if not the biggest time challenge for most of us in 2014, certainly one of the top 5 or 10. Between the information streaming at us via the internet (and the multiple devices we possess for delivering it) and the expectations of quick responses and almost 24-7 productivity, it’s no wonder that we…

Task Planning – Increased Detail Equals Increased Success!

Task planning is a time management skill that offers a surefire path for getting you from where you are to where you want to be. In other blog posts recently we’ve written about the power of chunking tasks down into bite-sized pieces, respecting your natural work rhythms, 

Hour of Code-Finding Time for Big Changes with Small Steps!

Have you heard about the Hour of Code project sponsored by It’s a campaign anchored in the schools, that is aimed at getting students (and really anyone) to make a small stab at learning code.  And while the kick-off was in December, the Hour of Code 

Time Management 101: Jump-Start Your Time Success with 7 Timely Tips!

Time management is the art of finding time in your singular and precious life for the things that are most important to you. It requires planning and discipline; and the rewards of following through on your time management plan are palpable and powerful!

Summer and Your Tech Tools – 3 Timely Tips

Summer is well underway in Northern climes, with the 4th of July Holiday fast approaching here in the States.  For many, now, thoughts turn to vacations, sunshine, water sports, and lots of outdoor activities. One question that is worth considering ahead of time is how to take care of your technological gadgets while enjoying summertime fun.…

Facebook Marketing: Powerful Resources and Timely Tips

Facebook marketing is an important ingredient in the business plans for many coaches, solopreneurs and small business owners these days.  But Facebook marketing can feel like a moving target