Time-Off and Time-On — Give Yourself What You Need

Time-off is crucial to your well-being.  Yet it’s often near the bottom of your list of priorities. Am I right? So, here’s the thing. If you want to be as productive as possible, time boundaries are a key tool.  And it’s one that you usually think about using when focus and concentration are necessary for…

Find Time for Success: A Guest Post by Sandra Martini

Success – is it eluding you no matter how hard you work?  Are you frustrated and discouraged about it all? Well, you aren’t alone … and I am so pleased to share a very timely and relevant guest post today from Sandra Martini of TheMartiniWay.com  My

Time On and Time Off-How Are Your Time Boundaries?

Time boundaries are a key time management tool, and one that we often think of when focus and concentration are necessary for completing a task. But time boundaries are vital, not just for your efficiency and effectiveness, they are fundamentally important for your well-being, too.