Shopping Templates — Ever Tried One for Finding Time?

Shopping templates are powerful time-savers that increase your efficiency when you’re in a hurry — or anytime. As I write this morning I’m guessing that many of you, like me, do your food shopping at least weekly. So, how often do you get home, unpack your bags, and realize that you’ve forgotten something? It’s so…

Just the Facts, Ma’am — Fact Check Added to Google Search and News

Facts are important. Most of us can agree on that. And it’s a fact of the world today that real facts can be hard to come by – or at least hard to identify and verify. Google has entered the ‘fact fray’ by adding fact check information to its search feature. From the Google Blog……

Note Anywhere Looks Like a Real Time-Saver for Chrome Users

Note Anywhere is a Chrome extension that my VA came upon over the weekend. She thought it might be of interest to Time Finder readers, so I’m sharing it today. This looks like a very flexible, user-friendly tool. You add it to Chrome and then, once you enable it, you’ll see s small icon added…

Post-Vacation Time-Saver — Or Don’t Let Your In-Box Scare You

The post-vacation blues — otherwise known as post-vacation overwhelm, might be a familiar feeling to you right about now. So, how do you manage? Well, for starters, don’t panic. Lots of folks re in the same boat. So patience, and a good helping of compassion, will go a long way toward helping you through this…

Google Voice Commands for Finding Time

Google is everywhere, and Google voice recognition and voice commands offer powerful time-saving possibilities that I want to explore with you today. At its recent I/O 16, Google announced a number of new enhancements and developments, including 

A Time-Saver – IQTELL Keeps You in Sync on Cyber Monday

Here’s a time-saver for you to check out today! It’s called IQTELL and it’s is a productivity app that works on your PC/Mac and on mobile devices. That means that this powerful time-saver is accessible wherever you are, for starters. We had written about IQTELL in a previous Cyber Monday post, and when I recently  TweetSharePinShare

Cyber Monday Snippet from The Time Finder!

Cyber Monday isn’t about shopping here at The Time Finder. No, Cyber Monday is the day, each and every week, that we highlight time-saving tech tools and tips.  It’s all about how you can be more efficient and effective in your on-line activities, whether you’re