Accountability Buddies: 5 Tips for Making the Most of This Time Tool

Perhaps my recent post about accountability buddies inspired you to give this time skill a try. If so, I’d love to hear how it went for you. Stick with it, as your buddy can offer powerful support as you move toward your goals. So, today I’m sharing 5 focused tips to help you make the most…

Jump-Start Your Day by Setting It Up Ahead of Time

You can jump-start your day and set the tone for the hours ahead by investing some thought and planning the night before. This is a very powerful time tool. That’s because the energy that you bring to the beginning of your day sets the tone, in a profound-yet-subtle way, for everything that follows. So anything…

Plan to Unplug – A Refreshing Gift to Give Yourself

When you unplug you give yourself a gift that has lots of positive ramifications for the quality of your life. And yet, while you might intend to give yourself a break from the on-line world, how often do you actually follow-through and do it? When you unplug you step away from the constant chatter of our…

Productivity Tip-Manage Your Energy Rather Than Your Time!

Productivity is something that we’re all looking to amp up these days.  When our tasks outstrip the hours we have available, we often feel that if only we could be more efficient we’d be fine! So, if we pack as much as we can into each moment will we actually be more productive? Is productivity mainly a…

Time Tools and Tips for Your Transition into September!

Time tools are always useful when your aim is to find time for what matters most! And now that September has arrived, we let go of summer (here in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and our thoughts turn toward school, work, and the transition into fall. So, as we move ahead into a new month, 

Lists and Timely Tips-Top Time Tools in November!

Lists and timely tips filled Time Finder subscribers’ in-boxes during the month of November.  And, needless to say, these helpful time tools become even more important as the holiday season gets into full gear and life gets busier and busier. Indeed, even Santa is known to make a list 

Top Apps and Tools for Your On-Line Life This Cyber Monday

Apps and tools are constantly under development, and whether it’s Cyber Monday or the middle-of-summer, it generally pays to keep up with what’s being created for your on-line work. Curated lists are extremely helpful in sorting through the huge number of options that exist.  So I