Finding Time with Our 7 Favorite Time-Saving Tools

Finding time is easier when you have time tools at hand that work well.  And one of the challenges, when it comes to finding time, is finding and using the most efficient and effective tools for YOU. Note the emphasis.  Finding time isn’t necessarily about finding the newest, best or brightest 

Timely Tool for Entrepreneurs Launched by Google

Timely information is key to success, whether you’re a student, blogger, small business owner, or an entrepreneur.  Where do most people look for the latest information in our fast-paced, web-based, data-saturated world? Google springs to mind, doesn’t it? That’s why I was intrigued and excited to 

Find Time for January's Time Finder Favorites

Finding time to look back at the start of a new month is always refreshing and energizing … and this month is no different as we look back at January’s Time Finder Favorites! Here’s a sampling of our top posts from the past month, based on YOUR votes (visits)! Finding Time for Google Plus –…

Find Time to Find What You Need on the Web with RTBot This Cyber Monday

Finding information on the web can be complicated, with search engines like Google changing their algorithms … and therefore their search results. How do you know what is shaping what you see when you search these days? Is it your previous searches? Your Facebook likes? Your Amazon purchases? That’s why I was interested to learn…

Find Time for Time Finder Favorites-December 2011

Finding time to look back as you begin something new always feels particularly important as a New Year arrives.  Today, along with looking back at Time Finder Favorites, I look ahead and wish you every time success in 2012! So, what Time Finder posts piqued your interest in December? Topping the list was a tech…