Timers Help Hugely When You Set Time Boundaries

Why am I writing about timers today? Well, first, let’s step back and take a look at the importance of time boundaries in your life. You’ve a better chance of staying focused when you know how long you need to be on task and productive. First, know the terrain. When you know how much time…

Try the Pomodoro Technique to Refresh and Refocus Regularly

The Pomodoro Technique is a powerful time tool that helps you focus your energy and attention and get into a flow with your work. Simple to implement, the Pomodoro Technique offers a sure path to increasing your productivity.  The problem… Finding flow and focus can feel elusive sometimes. Have you experienced that? It’s amazing how…

Working Smart – Know Your Tasks to Find More Time!

Working smart is just … smart! When you have limited time and energy, using both to their optimal potential is a goal we all strive for. And during busy times — like right now — working smart relieves stress and helps you put yourself in a position to enjoy your moments fully,  TweetSharePinShare

Your Work Rhythms-Know Them and Use Them to Optimize Your Time and Productivity

Our work rhythms are as unique as we are.  But one thing that’s true for all of us is that we each HAVE work rhythms. Our energy levels vary, and so there are times of day when we are naturally more energetic and, therefore, more productive.

Tech Tips to Enhance Security, Pump Up Productivity and Find Time!

Tech tips always come in handy in our increasingly web-based and info-saturated world. The better you are able to manage your on-line time and activities, the more efficient and effective you’ll be – both at getting things done and at finding time for what matters most!

Photos and Fun: Picture Yourself Using PicMonkey and Finding Time!

Photos are fun to share and use online.  If you have an online business, you know that images and photos are a big draw and a key component of effective marketing.  And it goes without saying that in social networking venues, attractive and interesting photos are what gets shared first and most often.

Productivity Tools: What’s Your #1 Go-To Time-Saver?

Productivity tools abound on the internet.  They are fashioned for PC’s and Mac’s, for working on-line and off, and for most any situation and work environment you can imagine. Here at The Time Finder the range of