Looking Ahead, Looking Back, Moving Forward into a New Month

Looking ahead as you move into a new month is a process that is always deepened when looking back is also one of the steps in the journey. You see, it’s not a linear process, our learning and growing. Unpredictable and sometimes messy, it involves lots of experiences, a good measure of mistakes, and plenty…

Free Apps – Which do You Use to Find Time?

Free apps are often a great way to streamline your time and extend your reach on the web. And the good news is that there are plenty of them out there to choose from. Quite often your go-to productivity  TweetSharePinShare

Techboomers-Tech Tutorials for Boomers Help Find Time!

Techboomers is a handy site that offers step-by-step tutorials for using many of the most popular websites and web tools that are available today. Geared for the non-techie folks 

Chrome Extension to Organize Tabs and Save Time!

Is Chrome your browser?  If it is, I think you’re going to like this new Chrome extension called Spaces. And if you don’t use Chrome, read on 

Google Alarms, Reminders and More from Desktop to Android

Google has recently added some features that allow you to send reminders and notes, set alarms, and send directions from your desktop PC to your android phone from the Google Search box. More and more people are using their phones as their go-to devices for mobile efficiency. You can keep up with news, e-mail, the…

Need a Fast Screenshot? Try Greenshot and Find Time!

Getting a good screenshot can sometimes be a bit more time-consuming than you’d like. There’s always the old ‘Print Screen’ command – but the screenshot you get is usually going to need some cropping and other editing tweaks. Jing is a nice screenshot tool that we’ve written about here in the past and that we’ve used…

Gmail – It’s Never too Late to Learn New Tricks to Find Time!

Gmail is everywhere, and if you’re a user, you are probably familiar with many of its features. Or are you? As is the case with many of the capabilities that our computers and software programs put at our fingertips, we often only use a fraction of the tools available.