Your Spirituality — What It Adds to Your Time Skill Set

What does spirituality have to do with time management? Well, time management is certainly about productivity. But in my heart-based view, it is about so much more. Time has both duration and depth. We measure our productivity, usually, based on how long things take — on duration. And yet, time is also highly subjective.  We…

Google Keep Adds Color for Better Organization

Google Keep is a flexible and very Google-friendly note-taking app. (And it’s especially helpful at this time of year, if you’re making a list – and checking it twice!) We spotlighted Google Keep here in the blog in a post titled “Time-Saving Tip: Try Google Keep to Find Time!” and 

Our Schedules, Ourselves-How Busy People Find Time

Our schedules are, all too often, our masters rather than our servants.  And when that’s the case, our schedules aren’t truly ours.   What that means in practice is that they aren’t going to work very well for us.  Okay, so, what does work well, then? When it comes to our schedules, the emphasis needs to be…

Mindful Gifts of Transition Times-3 Timely Tips

Transitions are challenging; however, the mindful navigation of transitions spins those challenges into profound gifts. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of your feelings and your needs as you move through life transitions.  And I don’t mean just the 

Perfectionism Trap: 3 Time Tips to Free You!

Perfectionism is NOT the pursuit of excellence! That’s a crippling illusion.  In reality excellence is choked and stifled by perfectionism. As artist and writer Julia Cameron has written: “Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing 

Finding Time for Your Truth – Deepening into Your Life Today!

Finding time to pause and reflect will always enhance your productivity and boost your energy. As a time management tool, taking a small break and a deep breath is rejuvenating. Deepening into yourself is something that you can count on to recharge your batteries and refresh your attitude. However, there is an entirely different way…

Find Time to Use the Tips Your Time Body Gives You!

Finding time to listen to your body can help you pinpoint exactly what time issues plague you.  This will revolutionize your time management practice, as you adapt it to your unique rhythms and needs.  You can feel it, deep down inside, when you move in and move out of rhythm with time. But do you…