Your Transitional Activities Create Your Bridge to the New

The phrase ‘your transitional activities’ may sound a little exotic, but those activities really help when you’re going through transitions. Why? Well, transitions are nearly always challenging because, whether you view them as positive or negative, they bring change. So, they are unsettling, by definition. You’re moving from one thing to another. That evokes feelings. It…

Transitional Activities Move You Through Transitions

Transitional activities are important time tools because they help you navigate your transitions more effectively. Transitions, whether large or small, are challenging because they involve change. They are unsettling, by definition. You are moving from one thing to another. That evokes feelings. It also entails a shift in your orientation. TweetSharePinShare

Self-Care, Your Energy, and Transitional Time

Self-care is something that we’ll be writing more about in the coming weeks and months. That’s because if you’re not taking full responsibility for your self-care, you are daily sending yourself out into the world undernourished and unprepared. We would never do that to a child, or advise 

Transition Tips: 3 Powerful Pointers for Making the Most of Your Time

Transition times are times of flux and change.  For that reason, a transition can also be something that disorients you and throws you off track.  But only if you LET it! Today I am going to explore 3 Transition Tips that will center and focus your energy.