Strengthen Your Relationships with Time Boundaries

Your relationships thrive when you are well-grounded in your time choices. That means being realistic about what is possible, and being true to yourself and your values. When you over-extend you’re bound to fall short on follow-through sometimes. This erodes trust (both for you and for others) and also drains your energy and confidence. Time…

Beat Procrastination Right Now – 5 Timely Tips!

Procrastination is a serious challenge for LOTS of people, so if you’re one of them, you are not alone! The reasons that people procrastinate vary, but the results are the same – ALWAYS.  When procrastination is one of your go-to time choices, you are also choosing stress, frustration, dwindling self-confidence … and lots of other challenges.  Ultimately,…

Follow-Through is Vital, Energizing, and Well Worth Your Time!

Follow-through is one of the most powerful and trust-building tools in your time-finding tool box. Especially at this time of year, when so many of us have made resolutions – what we do next is important on a multitude of levels. When we make resolutions we are basically 

Focus Online: What's Your Sweet Spot for Finding Time?

Focus is a (if not the) key to your productivity; and finding focus when you are working online can be a huge challenge! The online world is teeming with information, interactions, and fascinating distractions.  Indeed, many believe that our attention spans are 

Transition Challenges: Stay on Track with 3 Timely Tips

Transition.  What kinds of feelings does that word bring up for you?  A transition time can certainly be challenging – but it also offers opportunities to explore, learn and grow! The shift to Daylight Saving Time is an excellent, annual example.  I notice that this transition becomes more of a challenge 

Find Time to Know the State of YOUR Union: Are Your Head and Heart in Sync for Success?

Finding time to stay connected with yourself – to have your head and heart in sync, is one of the most powerful time management choices that you can make for yourself.  So, whether you are a follower of politics or not, it’s important to ask yourself about the State of the Union periodically – I…