Google Plus Twitter Extends Your Reach Big Time!

Google and Twitter can be powerful friends to small business owners and on-line marketers, as any SEO expert will tell you. Combining the two amplifies and extends what they each can do alone. That’s why I’ve been interested to follow the renewed partnership between Google and Twitter – one in which 

Retweeting Rules: Try Just Retweet to Add Traffic and Save Time

Retweeting is one of the best ways to show your love on Twitter.  Retweeting tells your followers that you think a tweet … or the tweeter … is really worth paying attention to.  If you are a Twitter user – or interested in getting more engaged with Twitter, read on!

Twitter Time on Vine and vinepeek for Fun This Cyber Monday!

Twitter has come up with something new. This may revolutionize our view of videos in much the way the 140-character Tweet changed how many people think about text-based communication. 

Find Time to Keep Your Finger on Your Twitter Pulse-2 Twitter Tools

Finding time to stay on top of your social networking efforts is an ongoing task that you can often make a little bit easier by keeping an eye on the innovations that are made available.  For Twitter, in particular, there seems to be an almost constant stream of new applications geared to ease or extend…

Find Time for January's Time Finder Favorites … and Something Special!

Finding time for the monthly ritual of reflecting back on last month’s top Time Finder posts is always something that I thoroughly enjoy.  This month, it’s especially special for me, as I am also, today, launching a new book that I co-authored!  It’s called Stepping Stones to Success … and I’ll share more about it…

Find Time to Make Liking and Tweeting as Easy as Pie!

Finding time to find better ways to get the word out about your excellent blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking venues is always time well spent.  The easier you make it for your readers to share your content, the easier it is to spread the word. That’s why I was pleased to…

Extend the Reach of Your Blog with Revive Old Post

Finding time to create useful and interesting content and post it on your blog is so important if you’re looking to connect and share your ideas, interests, and expertise on-line!  And if you’ve been blogging for awhile, you probably have a wonderful cache of valuable information on your blog, going back for months … or…