On-Line and Losing Time? Use Time Plans and Boundaries to Find Time

On-line activities take up more and more of everyone’s time these days. Whether you go on-line as part of your business and marketing plan, or simply use 

Retweeting Rules: Try Just Retweet to Add Traffic and Save Time

Retweeting is one of the best ways to show your love on Twitter.  Retweeting tells your followers that you think a tweet … or the tweeter … is really worth paying attention to.  If you are a Twitter user – or interested in getting more engaged with Twitter, read on!

Finding Time to Get to Know You This Cyber Monday!

Finding time is a perennial challenge – and finding time to connect, while getting everything else done, can really feel impossible sometimes.  Know what I mean? We’ve been wrestling with these questions here at The Time Finder, looking at time tracking tools and new social networking sites, along with 

Twitter Time on Vine and vinepeek for Fun This Cyber Monday!

Twitter has come up with something new. This may revolutionize our view of videos in much the way the 140-character Tweet changed how many people think about text-based communication. 

Find Time to Amp Up Your Twefficiency with Buffer – A Twitter Tool!

Finding time to be efficient and effective with your Twitter time is helped immensely by the Twitter tool I want to share with you today. It’s called Buffer and what it does is allow you to spread your tweets out, throughout the day, rather than swamping your followers with lots of tweets all at once.…

Find Time for April's Top 5 Posts on The Time Finder

Finding time to look back always adds depth and meaning to our steps forward.  When I look back over the month’s posts on The Time Finder, I look to see what readers were most drawn to.  That helps me to think about what you might like to read more about in the coming weeks. It’s…

Find Time to Visit oneforty: Your One Stop Shop to Find the Perfect Tools to Optimize Your Twitter Time

Finding time to keep up with the best and the latest in the ever-changing worlds of social media and of Twitter in particular, is a gargantuan and ongoing task.  That’s why I am always on the lookout for ways to make that job easier and more efficient.  There are so many Twitter tools and applications…