Find Time by Making the Most of Your Time Snippets

How do you find time in your busy, fast-paced life? It’s one of the biggest challenges we all face. Just count the times you say to yourself, “If only I had a few more hours today!” You’re always wishing you had more time, right? But what do you do when something 

Transition Effectiveness Tips Help You Navigate Any Challenge

Transitions and changes are happening in us and around us all the time. Sometimes they are challenging, and sometimes they are nearly invisible – like our in-breath and out-breath. But what about the tough ones? The transitions that you dread? What if you could face your upcoming challenges with more anticipation and less 

Emergencies Happen and You CAN Prepare for Them!

Emergencies are, by definition, unpredictable. The lake-effect snowstorms that have battered Buffalo and surrounding areas are a very good example. Coming so early in the season, the unprecedented blizzard conditions created millions of emergencies, large and small, in millions of lives.  And unfortunately, from what I’m hearing, lots and lots of people were unprepared for…

Change and You-Use Affirmations to Shape Your Time!

Change is a fact of life. Whether it’s change that we choose, change that evolves over time, or change that arrives suddenly, change is disruptive… and change changes us! There are the changes that come with aging.  They arrive gradually but can feel sudden when 

Find Time Using Soft Deadlines

Finding time by using Priority Power™ is empowering, energizing, and adds flow as you navigate your day.  As you work with your time priorities, soft deadlines are a particularly useful tool. “Soft deadlines?  That sounds like an oxymoron!  What are they?” you ask. Soft deadlines are due dates that you set for yourself, ahead of…

Finding Time to Feel then Deal with Disaster

Finding time to deal with disaster is not a subject that we relish writing about. But it’s something we all need to be prepared for, as Hurricane Irene most recently reminded us. When confronted with sudden change, one key coping strategy is to take a step back and give yourself time to let your feelings out about what has happened.…

Find Time to Thrive with Flexible Focus-2 Timely Touchstones

Finding time opens your schedule, and flexible focus opens your outlook. Together, this powerful pair gives you the ability to handle whatever pops up. Imagine you’re just settling in to watch that DVD you borrowed from the library.  You’ve been looking forward to this break all day, when … ugh … here’s a sudden conflict…