Procrastination Cure – Get Unstuck Using Fun and Find Time!

Procrastination is something that plagues all of us, eating up time and energy and causing untold worry and stress. So a procrastination cure is just what the doctor ordered! Read on for some good ideas to get you moving again, when you are stuck in a rut of 

Incremental Time-Scale Your Time Choices to Your Needs

Incremental time is a powerful way to approach your time choices. When it comes to time, one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s where incremental time comes in.  It’s about taking a mindful and flexible view of your tasks and priorities – a view that ultimately frees you 

Values Conflicts and Time Traps: Shine a Light and Find Time!

Values conflicts are like quicksand sometimes.  They throw your best-laid plans out of whack and keep you spinning your tires.  Yet they aren’t always obvious or easy to spot. Sometimes you need to backtrack, starting with a behavior and following its trail back to its root.

Time-Saving Tips: Telltale Traits of Perfectionists

Time-saving tips help you jump-start your productivity and unclog your creativity when perfectionism has you stuck. In our last post, we discussed how perfectionism is one of the sneakier time poisons. Did that resonate for you? Maybe you are wondering, today, whether your desire for excellence is healthy or something that steals 

Find Time to Outsmart Your Time Gremlins and Break Your Time Traps!

Finding time and breaking out of time traps can require all of your ingenuity. This is especially true when your to-do list is overflowing, projects await your attention, and pressures mount. Sometimes stepping back briefly, taking a breath, and finding a fresh approach works wonders. Identify time traps… So, are you tripping yourself up as…

Find Time to Use the Clues in Your Clutter!

Clues in clutter? What does that mean? Well, finding time to get to the bottom of your clutter can be a very daunting task. This is true whether your clutter is in your space, your time, or your mind. That’s why I was so very pleased to hear my friend and colleague Jennifer Zwiebel offer…

Find Time to Overcome Writer's Block

Finding subjects for articles and blog posts, like finding time, can be a daunting challenge some days.  Do you ever run into that?  I did just now, as I sat down to compose today’s post for The Time Finder. I explored some of the usual places I check:  Digg, Alltop, and tried other ideas mentioned…