Energize Yourself with Affirmations — How This One Simple Step Helps

Energize yourself simply and easily with affirmations. It’s always time well spent, and today I want to share an exciting and simple, sensory-based “tickler” system that will let you give yourself gifts of validation throughout your day. Try it for several weeks so that it becomes a nourishing, self-affirming habit for you.  Watch how your…

Validate Your Efforts with Your Very Own Oscars

So, why validate yourself? Well, when you congratulate yourself and affirm your efforts, you give yourself a significant gift. And the good news is that you can validate yourself anytime. It definitely doesn’t have to just be during Oscar season.  Your own positive regard, all year long, is vital. It gives you a solid foundation…

Beat Procrastination, Even When It’s Got You Tied in Knots

How do you beat procrastination? Time challenges stymie LOTS of people, so if you’re one of them, you are not alone. And if you want to beat procrastination, you need to get to its roots. You see, the reasons that people procrastinate vary, but the results are the same, ALWAYS.  When procrastination is one of…

Gratitude – How It Transforms Your Time

Gratitude is about how you look at your world, how you move through your days, and how you experience your moments. It’s a fundamental value, and the ultimate way to make full use of your time. In “Character Strengths and Virtues” by Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman, gratitude is defined as “an enduring thankfulness that is sustained across…

Procrastination Cure – Get Unstuck Using Fun and Find Time!

Procrastination is something that plagues all of us, eating up time and energy and causing untold worry and stress. So a procrastination cure is just what the doctor ordered! Read on for some good ideas to get you moving again, when you are stuck in a rut of 

Task Planning – Increased Detail Equals Increased Success!

Task planning is a time management skill that offers a surefire path for getting you from where you are to where you want to be. In other blog posts recently we’ve written about the power of chunking tasks down into bite-sized pieces, respecting your natural work rhythms, 

Celebrating Milestones Energizes You and Deepens Your Experience of Time

Celebrating milestones is an excellent way to mark goals achieved, plans fulfilled, and promises kept.  But that’s not all.  Celebrating milestones also replenishes your stores of energy and heightens your sense of the meaning and the preciousness of time.  Here’s an example: