Stuck in a Rut? Freshen Tasks with Mindfulness to Find Time!

Feeling stuck in a rut is no fun.  It saps your energy and drains the color and vibrancy from your moments. And yet it’s important to know that feeling stuck in a rut isn’t a fact of life or a true reflection of reality.  No, it’s a choice we make – and a choice we 

Tech Resolutions Create Time Revolutions!

Tech resolutions are pretty common fare around the New Year. That’s because technology can save us mounds of time AND it can eat up untold moments, often without us really even being aware.  So, starting a new year (or even a new month) with 

Find Time and Find Your Power by Celebrating Your Power of Choice

Finding time to find your power is one of the most gratifying ways you can experience a new sense of freedom! You might think that this would be a massive undertaking. But often, it’s as simple as changing your self-talk and reframing the way you look at your responsibilities. Avoiding these all-too-common verbal traps can…

Find Time for You – MORE than Once in a Blue Moon

As a reader of The Time Finder Blog or my articles at you know that Self Care is something that I view as a responsibility – NOT a luxury or self-indulgence. Self care is something to attend to every day.  It is most DEFINITELY NOT something to pursue only once in a blue moon…