Photos for Free – Sites to Find Photos and Find Time!

Photos and images are so important when it comes to engagement, visibility, and just plain eye-catching content on the web (or anywhere, for that matter). But good photos are hard to come by, especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why I was very pleased to come upon a recent post on designskilz offering a large 

Lists for Fun and Visibility on the Web this Cyber Monday

Lists have been a big topic on The Time Finder lately.  From Facebook Interest Lists to Myths and Realities about To-do Lists, we haven’t been listless! 😉   And today I’ve got one more item related to lists that I’d like to share. This is a tool (it’s called that I read about (and…

Boomerang for Gmail: Stay in Touch (Even When You're Out-of-Touch)

Boomerang may be a word you associate with the Outback – but it’s a tool to consider adopting if you’re interested in optimizing your communication and on-line presence.  That’s because finding time to stay in touch (even when you’re out-of-touch) is a very easy way to enhance your visibility.  Not only that,

Find Time to Streamline Online: Have You Checked Out New Seesmic Web Yet?

Finding time to stay up-to-date across your social networks is a time management challenge that many struggle with.  There are lots of mobile and desktop applications out there that offer to help streamline online efforts, and depending on your preferences, you may already have one that you use. I actually wouldn’t advise that you change…

Check Your Grades on HubSpot and Increase Your Marketing Reach

Finding time to check how well your blog and/or website interfaces with the web is an easy way to increase your marketing reach. Why? Because sometimes a simple tweak of a keyword or two, or the formatting of a link … you name it … can have a very big impact on your Because sometimes…