HTML Cheat Sheet and Other Resources for Finding Time

HTML elements are the building blocks of so much of what you do on the web. Yet, if you’re not working on web pages every day, HTML code can be difficult to retain and retrieve when you need it. So, very often, you’re left to Google your HTML questions – and sometimes 

Pushcrew – A Timely Tool for Connecting and Communicating!

Pushcrew is a tool that I learned about recently in the excellent newsletter that my colleague and mentor Sandra Martini publishes. When Sandy recommends something, I listen, and pushcrew is an excellent case in point. We’ve started testing it 

Identity Theft Resources-Take Charge and Find Time!

Identity theft is a growing issue world-wide, as anyone in the US who has Anthem health insurance was reminded last winter when Anthem’s databases were hacked and millions upon millions of people were affected. That event is still being sorted out and so far I’ve heard no reports of identity theft as a result of this…

Google Update – Find Time to Be Mobile Friendly!

Google is changing its algorithm as of April 21, and it’s important that you find time to make sure that your website won’t be negatively affected. The change that Google is making is aimed at assuring that websites are optimized for mobile devices. Sandra Martini, of has 

Photos for Free – Sites to Find Photos and Find Time!

Photos and images are so important when it comes to engagement, visibility, and just plain eye-catching content on the web (or anywhere, for that matter). But good photos are hard to come by, especially if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why I was very pleased to come upon a recent post on designskilz offering a large Privacy and Speed to Save Online Time is a Chrome extension that my VA read about this weekend and thought might be helpful to share with readers here. I took a look and agreed, so here’s a little information about – and you can read a full review on Mashable, if you’d like.