Grammarly Might be Just the Thing for You if Grammar Sometimes Has You Stymied

Grammarly is a handy app that is available either for free or as a paid subscription. What it does, once you’ve downloaded and activated it, is review your work, right as you’re working. It highlights any questionable grammar, spelling, or word choices and offers suggestions on the spot, in real time. This way, you can catch and…

Tech Tips to Help You Find Information and Find Time

Tech tips are what we usually focus on each Monday at The Time Finder. So this week I’ve got a few items to share, from free Windows e-books to some important information about the latest WikiLeaks revelation and its possible implications for you. Shall we get right to it?

Twitter Time – 2 Tools for Tweets Galore!

Twitter is a powerful social media tool that you’ll definitely want to be using if you’re an on-line entrepreneur. And I recently read of a Twitter client for Windows that sounds like it could be a winner. It’s called Aeries and it offers lots of flexibility and scope whether you’re a dabbler or a power-user.

Evernote for Windows Just Got Better

Evernote is a widely-used productivity tool. We use it quite a lot here at The Time Finder, as it offers the kind of flexibility and organizing heft that we love for finding time. So I was very interested to read on the Evernote Blog that they’re unveiling a new and improved version for Windows. How…

Time-Saving Experimental App Called Seer Helps You See!

Finding a new time-saving app is always a nice surprise – and sharing them is what we like to do in our Cyber Monday posts. So today I want to tell you about a time-saving experimental app called Seer. My VA recently told me about it, as she’d read about it on lifehacker. What Seer…

Windows Shortcuts to Power Your On-Line Time

Shortcuts are powerful efficiency-boosters. But they aren’t usually going to help you streamline your time immediately. The trick is to incorporate new shortcuts into your routine so that whatever ones you use become second nature. Keep your expectations realistic and don’t be