Spam Clogging Your Comments? Say No Using This Timely Tip!

Spam is one of the perennial annoyances of blogging.  How much time do you spend weeding out the spam from your blog’s comments? Wouldn’t you love to use those moments for something more productive?  Well, read on, 

Time-Saving, SEO-Boosting WordPress Plugins for 2013

Time-saving tips are a great way to start any week, and this Cyber Monday on The Time Finder, we are focusing on some plugins to boost the effectiveness of your WordPress blog. You may notice some changes to our sidebar, as you navigate 

Lists for Fun and Visibility on the Web this Cyber Monday

Lists have been a big topic on The Time Finder lately.  From Facebook Interest Lists to Myths and Realities about To-do Lists, we haven’t been listless! 😉   And today I’ve got one more item related to lists that I’d like to share. This is a tool (it’s called that I read about (and…

5 Timely Tips to Speed Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a powerful and popular blogging platform for good reason.  But sometimes, as happened with The Time Finder recently, you may notice that your blog is loading slowly. This is a significant problem, because the internet is a fast-moving environment.  Your blog may

Find Time to Pare Your Plugins and Optimize Your WordPress Site

Finding time to optimize the speed and responsiveness of your WordPress blog or website is time well spent.  That’s because most internet travelers aren’t going to wait around while a slow site loads.  They’ll be on to another blog – and you’ll have lost a potential reader.  (Meanwhile, your site churns away, struggling to pull…

Find Time for Your Time Finder Favorites from June

Finding time to move forward involves building on what has come before.  Looking back and assimilating the lessons of the past lends a firmer footing to each subsequent step.  That’s why I always appreciate the opportunity to review the past month on The Time Finder, as we survey the path ahead. So, what were your…

Find Time for The Best WordPress Plugins on Cyber Monday

Finding time to make the most of your WordPress Blog or site is always time well spent.  One of the best ways to enhance your WordPress installation is to use the best WordPress plugins available. A quick Google search for, say, “Top WordPress Plugins” will land you a list of possibilities.  Then scan the list…