Get Your Workspace and Your Energy in Sync

Your workspace is key in shaping the energy that you bring to your work. And at the same time, your energy affects how you create and how you perceive your workspace.   Whether you work at home or in an office, your workspace has a powerful and undeniable impact. And you hold many, if not…

Chrome Extension to Organize Tabs and Save Time!

Is Chrome your browser?  If it is, I think you’re going to like this new Chrome extension called Spaces. And if you don’t use Chrome, read on 

Clutter Taking Over? Garden Wisdom to the Rescue!

Clutter, whether it’s littering your closet, your computer, or your calendar is a huge time and energy drain! It adds a layer of confusion and stress to everything in your life and it’s a stumbling block that keeps you from attaining your goals. It keeps you from even SEEING your goals sometimes!

Fitness, Focus, Functionality and Finding Time

Fitness is a worthy goal, and one that is on many people’s minds at this time of year. New Year’s Resolutions having been made, we brave roadways and gyms with our Fitbits, GPS Devices, Smartwatches, and other wearable technology. We feel energized and excited – it’s fun and we’re excited about the progress we’re making!…

First Steps-Think Small for Sure Starts!

First steps:  You can’t start without them!  Not only that, but taking your first steps always helps overcome resistance and overwhelm when a big project has you stuck. But what do you do when first steps look daunting – or even dangerous?  How do you make 

Workspace Woes? Nurturing Energy Finds You More Focus and Time!

Your workspace is key in shaping the energy that you bring to your work.  Whether it’s located inside your home or elsewhere, your workspace has a powerful impact – and YOU have lots of choices about the quality of that impact.  You really do! So, let’s explore how to extend open and nurturing energy to…

Find Time to Deal With All the Paper!

Finding time to deal with clutter is a challenge we all face … and for many, paper is right at the top of the list!  As someone who accumulates paper, I keep coming back to that question – “How Do I Deal with All the Paper?” 3 Tips Here are 3 tips that I have…