Writing Ideas — 3 Tips to Help Keep Your Writing Energy Fresh

Writing ideas don’t always come easily. In fact, making time to create content and keep it fresh, focused, interesting, and relevant can be a big challenge, don’t you agree? I’ve been writing here at The Time Finder for many years now, and I’d like to share 3 tips, today, that I’ve found very helpful. If writing is…

Keep Your Writing Fresh by Keeping Yourself Fresh

Creating content that’s fresh, focused, interesting, and relevant is key to online success. And it can be a big challenge, don’t you agree? I’ve been creating my e-zine since 2006 and have been blogging here since 2008. And, I’ll be honest, sometimes fresh ideas are hard to come by. But what I’ve found, through the…

If Writing is One of Your Goals, This Will Help.

Writing is something that many of us have on our to-do lists. And often, as well, it’s something that we postpone or procrastinate about. Maybe your goal is to write an article or a blog post. Or maybe it’s an e-zine, a book, or a note to a friend or family member. Whatever your particular…

Grammarly Might be Just the Thing for You if Grammar Sometimes Has You Stymied

Grammarly is a handy app that is available either for free or as a paid subscription. What it does, once you’ve downloaded and activated it, is review your work, right as you’re working. It highlights any questionable grammar, spelling, or word choices and offers suggestions on the spot, in real time. This way, you can catch and…

Finding Time to Explore 5 Hauntingly Awesome Blogs on Day 31 of October’s Ultimate Blog Challenge … Don’t be Afraid!

Finding time to complete this month’s Ultimate Blog Challenge was a pretty tall order some days – 31 posts in 31 days – wow! The effort was well worth it, but … PHEW! Did you manage to create and share a post every day? What was it like for you?

Ultimate Blog Challenge Starts Today – Are You In?

The Ultimate Blog Challenge starts today, and here at The Time Finder we are excited and, honestly, a little nervous to be stepping up to the plate. The Blog Challenge involves sharing a blog post for each day in the month of 

Blogging Buzz: 7 Timely Tips!

Blogging is a wonderful way to connect with people.  And if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, blogging is fast becoming an indispensable means for establishing yourself in your niche. So, as you can imagine, making your blog accessible, attractive, and SEO-friendly is a key element