Take a Walk Around the Lake — Deepen into Yourself


Deepen with a refreshing pause.

What does it mean to deepen, and why is it important?

It might seem counterintuitive, but finding time to pause and reflect always enhances your productivity and boosts your energy.

Indeed, the simple act of taking a small break and a deep breath is rejuvenating. Why is that?

It has to do with your energy, I think. Even the briefest pause to turn toward yourself shifts the ground under your feet. It also profoundly affects your perspective.

When you deepen into yourself, you can always count on that to recharge your batteries and refresh your attitude.

Choosing to connect…

The choices that we make are powerful. I mean choices that we make in each and every moment.

I invite you to ask yourself, “Are my choices helping me connect with my deepest self?”

It takes courage to make these kinds of choices. You’re taking a risk because to go deeper you need to let go of the demands of the moment and turn toward yourself.

Choosing to connect in this way might feel like ‘wasting’ time. But, as Wallace Stevens wrote, I’d like you to consider that maybe “… the truth depends on a walk around the lake.”

It’s your message to yourself…

So, whenever you choose to pause in the torrent of tasks and events that constitute your day and look within, you are affirming to yourself that your time (and thus your life) belong to you.

You are sending a powerful message to yourself. You’re asserting that you are autonomous. When you embrace this level of responsibility you enhance your sense of your own dignity and purpose. And this sense of purpose, in its turn, encourages and energizes your own search for truth.

I don’t mean TRUTH with a capital T.

No, I mean the evolving element of depth that is a part of each of us. This is the element that you can access in your life whenever you choose to.

What you discover as you pursue your own search for truth will be varied. At times it may be surprising, disconcerting, confusing, or comforting. It’s a risk, opening to your daily and evolving truth.  It’s an adventure, too.  In many ways, it is THE adventure.

It’s different for everyone…

Ultimately, the quiet whisper of your inner truth depends on your choice to pause. It depends on your giving yourself the gift of this walk around the lake.

If you don’t make the space for it in your life, you are missing something basic, rare, and very precious.

So, how can you find ways to start giving yourself this gift today?

If you can’t, what stands in your way?  Drop me a line … I’d love to hear!

Speaking of transformational gifts…

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