Task Templates to Boost Your Time Management Skills and Find Time

Task templates give you a proven and effective way to reduce your stress, increase your effectiveness, and find more time.

Whether you use a template for your weekly shopping list, or for seasonal chores, each time you make a template you are giving your time management repertoire a big boost!

Task Templates — Your Power Tool

As we’ve been discussing, task templates save you time by freeing you from having to review or recreate repeatable steps.

PatternThink of a pattern that you might use for sewing a dress.  Task templates spring from the same premise.  You wouldn’t sit down and redraw that pattern every time you wanted to sew that dress.  Instead, you pull out the pattern, use the basic outline, and then add different colors or fabrics to individualize it.

In my article on Ezinearticles.com titled Time Management Through Task Templates – Fast Answers to FAQ’s to Get You Started in No Time, I walk you through the steps of creating task templates for yourself.

Try it – and then click below, on the box where it says “Comments!”  Tell me how it goes.   I think you’ll find that task templates free up lots of time for you!

And speaking of templates…

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