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Tech tips are what we usually focus on each Monday at The Time Finder. So this week I’ve got a few items to share, from free Windows e-books to some important information about the latest WikiLeaks revelation and its possible implications for you.

Shall we get right to it?

WikiLeaks Tech Tips

You may have heard the news this weekend about WikiLeaks latest data dump. One of the things that didn’t make the headlines was the fact that quite a lot of personal information – including credit card data – was part of their data dump.

Might your data have been compromised? If you had made a contribution within the timeframe of the released e-mails, it might have. So, what can you do?

You can visit their site and search the database using a term like “contribution.”  There are directions to help narrow your search available here, and you can enter your e-mail address — be sure to enclose it in quotation marks — to see if your information has been compromised.

Tech Tips #2 – Free Microsoft E-Books

Microsoft is giving away hundreds of free e-books, including User Guides, Deployment Guides, Step-By-Steps, etc.

These, according to users, tend to be on the technical side, but nearly every comment I’ve seen indicates that, even for non-techies, there is often a gem to be found. In particular, you may want to peruse the quick start guides.

They come in a variety of formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and even DOCX. And if you want to do a bulk download (or run into problems downloading) there are directions here.

Tech Tips #3 – Lifehacker Essentials

And last but definitely not least, lifehacker has posted its lists of essential apps in various venues.

These are very helpful, curated lists of tools and apps, and I encourage you to browse through apps for the platforms you use.

Here are your Lifehacker Pack choices:

I hope you find this collection of tech tips helpful for finding time, getting things done, AND for making sure your private information hasn’t been compromised by WikiLeaks.

Here’s to your time success!

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