Tech Tools are Tops: July’s Favorites for Finding Time

Tech Tools - Time Finder FavoritesTech tools are nearly always of interest, if you’re someone who spends time online.  So it’s not surprising that tech tools and tips topped the list of readers’ favorite Time Finder blog posts this past month.  Ready for the specifics?  (Just click the links in the titles to read on …) 

Tech Tools at the Top

Coming in at #1 on our list was a post titled “HootSuite Syndicator: Add RSS to Your Dashboard and Find Time” which highlights the latest enhancement to the HootSuite dashboard.  Here is is in a nutshell:

What HootSuite Syndicator does is allow you to add RSS feeds of your choosing to your HootSuite Dashboard for easy sharing with your social networks.  If you’re already a HootSuite user, adding this rich content to your dashboard is a big plus, making your communication with your networks that much more meaningful (and convenient).

Have you tried it yet?

Two More Tech Tools:

Next up were two posts, with some more additions to your collection of tech tools:

  • Blogging Buzz: 7 Timely Tips! While not focused on tech tools alone, this post includes some tips (and an excellent infographic) to help you make the most of your online efforts.

And Moving Away from Tech Tools …

The last two posts, rounding out readers’ Top 5 for July focused on mindset and energy – and the transformative power that we each hold in these areas.  Here are those two posts – with an excerpt from each:

  •  “Failure? Reframe It and Revitalize Your Time”:  What we call failure (and impulsively want to turn away from) can be looked at very differently – it all depends on a few key choices that we make. And those choices really do spell the difference between success and failure – but in a much deeper way.

While you’re supporting and energizing yourself by exploring these tech tools and mindset resources, wouldn’t it be freeing to also let go of the debilitating impact of self-criticism in your life?  My Exercise and Guide Book titled, “‘These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!’ How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time! offers proven techniques and practical tips to quiet those disruptive, haunting and hostile voices of self-criticism.

We really can make conscious choices about the kinds of messages that we give ourselves.  And as an added bonus when you purchase this Exercise and Guide Book you can quickly get back your investment. You’ll find all the details at the end of the Guide Book.

So, this Exercise and Guide Book gives you a step-by-step path to take back your power and quiet the self-criticism that saps your confidence, your energy, and your time.  Just click this link to learn more!

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