Tech Tools to Find Files Fast (and Find Time)!

Tech TipsTech tools can save you time. That may sound like a truism, but it bears repeating.

Finding time is much easier when you have the right tech tools at your fingertips – especially if you are an entrepreneur with an internet-based business.

That’s why I so enjoy scanning the landscape and sharing tech-oriented tips with you on Cyber Monday’s at The Time Finder!

Tech Tools for Finding Files (and Finding Time)

No matter how organized you are, the busier you get, the harder it can be to keep track of all the things you’re working on.  Have you experienced this?

You just know that you recently updated a chapter in your e-book … but what folder did you save it in?

The more pressure you feel, the less likely you’ll be able to think clearly and find where you put it.

That’s where the tech tools come in!  lifehacker recently posted an article about the top 5 Desktop Search Applications.  My purpose here isn’t so much to suggest a particular application as to suggest the idea of doing a desktop search.  As tech tools go, this relatively simple functionality can save you all sorts of time (and frustration).

And, in addition to desktop searches, most e-mail providers include a search function.  Gmail, for example, has an advanced search function that can look a little daunting at first, but is very powerful.

Tech Tools for Organizing Files:  One Bonus Tip

When it comes to tech tools, my VA is an avid explorer!  She discovered, this past weekend, a file organizer for her iPad that she’s very pleased with.  If you’re an iPad user, you may want to check out Files and see what you think.  Among the pluses she cited was the intuitive ease of the set-up and the ability to quickly link wirelessly to any computer and then add files to her iPad (simply by dragging-and-dropping).

What are your top tech tools?  I’d love to hear … and would also be happy to focus on tools of particular interest to you.  Just drop me a line.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with any of the products or services mentioned above and have not received any compensation for sharing this content.

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