Templates and Time Resources: Favorites from The Time Finder

Templates, Tips and Time Resources: November Favorites from The Time FinderTemplates, tips, and on-line time resources were a high priority for readers of The Time Finder this past month.  Whether it was a new on-line tool for tracking your energy and time, or tips for using templates to enhance the holidays, time and technology resources were at the top of the list.

Take a look at the month’s 5 highest ranking posts, below.  They are jam-packed with  time tips and time management resources.  And if we’ve missed your favorite, or if you have a resource you’d like to share, please either leave a comment or contact me at paula@thetimefinder.com.  There’s nothing I like better than spreading the word about helpful time tools and tips!

Templates, Tips and Time Resources: Last Month’s Favorites

Right at the top of the list was a post about synchronizing your energy and your time titled  Time and Energy Tracking Tool to Boost Your Productivity.

… do you know where you spend your time and energy as you moments unfold?

Many of us just don’t. So, it’s a good bet that your time and energy may well be disappearing in ways you’d never consciously choose.

And the good news is that you can make choices to change that … once you know!

Time-Saving E-mail Tool: Using okdo.it for Project Planning and Productivity ranked #2 and offered a new e-mail tool that looks like it has powerful possibilities.

… any tool that helps you optimize your time so that you can explore, create, prioritize, produce, connect, and expand your reach would be a real find, wouldn’t it?

Lists of time and technology resources are often very helpful in sorting through the huge amount of information available on the web, and the following two posts were particularly popular with Time Finder readers:

  •  Time Management Tips, Tools and Resources: Use These to Find Time:  “Finding a balance between knowing when to upgrade your tools and knowing when to stick with what you have can be a challenge. So, something to pay attention to will always be the places where you feel frustrated or stuck in your time management efforts. Are there spots in your day where you feel like you hit a wall? Are there processes you have to use a lot and wonder if they could be more efficient?”  Knowing where you need help gives you excellent hints on what kinds of templates, tips and time resources will be most helpful to you.

And now that we are in the midst of the winter holidays, many readers have been very intrested in ideas for making the most of this time of year.  Here’s a popular post that addresses that very issue:  Time Choices: 3 Tips for Using Templates This Holiday Time

Time flies, doesn’t it? How many of you are amazed at how quickly the time goes from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the December holidays?

But even though the time feels like it speeds by, your time choices can help you to enjoy one day at a time as you progress from holiday to holiday. And the time to start making these wise time choices is now!

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