Templates: Save Time Using These Powerful Productivity Tools

templatesTemplates are powerful tools that are easy to create and can save you untold time and energy.  This is especially true for tasks that are done repeatedly.

A good, and timely, example is a task like putting away holiday decorations.  Or how about  packing for a business trip?  There are so many possibilities.

Templates:  Make Them Part of Your Routine

The more you use templates, the more ways you’ll discover to save time with them.

For example, are there clusters of tasks you combine when you go to town to do errands? Keep a list of the stores you visit, in sequence, and the supplies you regularly pick up.  Or you may already have a template for grocery shopping, broken down by the arrangement of the aisles in the store.  You can really zip through a task like grocery shopping when you have a template that works for you!

Templates:  More Activities They Make Easier!

Tax preparation is another task where having a pre-printed list of steps and needed components can save you time and frustration.  Include things on your list like where you save relevant tax documents, important dates, etc.

And seasonal chores offer yet another opportunity to plan ahead using templates.  Are there tasks that others are responsible for?  Do they need reminders?  These things, too, can be part of an over-arching template.  Anything that needs to be done and/or remembered can be included in a template.

What kinds of activities can YOU create templates for?  Start a list, and then flesh it out with the details below.

Templates:  What Do They Contain?

The most helpful templates often contain 3 sections.  So start with something simple and then adapt your template to suit your needs.

  • In Section 1 list supplies and/or data you need to collect.
  • In Section 2 identify, record, and briefly describe each step of the process in sequence.
  • In Section 3 you might include a final checklist to ensure that nothing has been overlooked, so you can finish up the specific task and put it to bed. This helps to clean up all the loose ends.

BONUS TIP:  If possible, I recommend that you keep your templates on a computer.  This makes it very easy to adapt and enhance your templates as circumstances change.

Templates:  A Win-Win

Relying on templates lets you stop juggling lists in your head.  You’re less likely to overlook something, and can estimate the time you need more accurately. This process reduces stress and enhances productivity.

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