Templates and Spreadsheets Excel for Finding Time!


Excel Templates: A sampling (Click to see a larger version.)

Templates are wonderful tools for finding time, and if you’ve never used one, today is a great day to get started.

Templates are especially good for saving you time with tasks that you repeat with some frequency. Let’s say you often travel for your work.  Developing templates for packing saves untold time – not to mention hassles and worries!  And the more you use templates, the better you’ll get at adapting them to your purposes.

Here at The Time Finder we’ve developed some powerful (free) templates for a number of different purposes, including:

When you sign up for one of these Heart-Based Time Management™ tools you’re giving yourself a powerful resource that goes beyond what most time management systems offer.  That’s because we look at your inner and outer energies with the goal of having them powerfully in sync. When you are integrated, top to bottom, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can accomplish.

And when it comes to templates and time tools, we’ve always got an eye out for resources that will make your work easier.  So I’m pleased to be able to share a source for additional templates and spreadsheets that you may find helpful.

It’s Vertex 42, a company founded in 2003 by Jon Wittwer whose stated goal is:

… to help people manage their time, their finances, their education and their careers, by providing simple tools in the form of high quality spreadsheet templates, calculators, calendars, resumes, and articles that are designed to educate and increase productivity.

Letter Templates

Here are some Word Templates

To that end, they make available an extensive collection of different Excel Templates, along with Word Templates, Calendar Templates, Gantt Chart Templates, and lots more!

They are usable right out of the box, are offered in a variety of formats (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) and can be used with Google Docs (so you needn’t have Excel or Word).  There are also apps for adding these templates to your browser toolbar, your mobile device, etc.

One of the things that is especially helpful about exploring these templates is that they open your eyes to the MANY tasks that can be eased by creating templates to help you manage them.  Whether it’s project management, schedule coordination, household chores, or food shopping – templates make your work easier and help you find more time.

I invite you to explore these timely tools – and to explore the Finding Time Templates that we’ve developed for you!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Vertex 42, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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