Thankfulness for Little, as Well as for Much


The key is in your hands…

Thankfulness and gratitude are in the forefront of people’s minds at this time of year.

So, let’s step back and think about thankfulness.

When you feel and express gratitude, what are you expressing it for? Does it have to do with the value or quantity or size of a gift? Or is it about something else entirely?

If someone makes you dinner it seems obvious that you will say thank you. But if they simply hand you a drink of water on a hot day, do you do the same?

I would — but perhaps some would not.

So, today I’d like to focus on an aspect of gratitude that is summed up in the following proverb:

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much. Estonian Proverb

Thankfulness and Expectations

Gratitude has to do, not so much with the actions of others, but with what we expect out of life.

If it’s my expectation that others will give me what I need or want, then when they do so, I’m not so much grateful as satisfied. My expectations are being fulfilled.

And on the flip side, if I don’t hold that expectation, I’m frequently and pleasantly surprised by kind or generous gestures. And I feel grateful for them.

Expecting others to give me what I need or want is a set-up to feel let down and disappointed. This is a big and unnecessary energy drain.  If I don’t harbor that unrealistic expectation, I’m simply not going to have that experience.

Attitude of Gratitude

Approaching each moment with minimal expectations helps you notice the small and large gifts that come your way. As you adjust your expectations, you’ll see that these gifts come almost constantly in your life.

The key is entirely in your hands. It’s not about the size of the other person’s gesture but about the expectations that you bring to your moments.

The attitude of gratitude enriches your life and relieves you of the perpetual disappointment that unrealistic expectations bring.

So, how do you find time to feel grateful?

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