The 10 Core Principles — How to Find More Time and Energy

core principles
Revisiting the 10 core principles of finding time.

Some years ago, I developed the 10 Core Principles of Finding Time.

They are the result of the writing and research I’ve done over time, as well as many years of coaching experience in my off-line coaching practice.

I am sharing the 10 Core Principles here as a refresher for readers of The Time Finder.

It’s helpful to revisit them from time to time. I find this to be especially true as my own understanding of each core principle deepens and evolves.

So, I hope you find these principles helpful in your time journey.

10 Core Principles

We’ll start with three principles that are foundational. Everything else is built on them.

Time is concrete and finite. 
It is the medium in which we live and breathe.

It is value-neutral.
Time has the ability to hold the most profound, joyous, painful, difficult, happy, and mundane moments simultaneously.

Our choices are what make all the difference. 
Every choice is a time choice.  The way you use your time is the way you live your life.

Know thyself…

This next set of skills involves self-knowledge and the everyday practice and learning that gets you there.

Developing a relationship with time is inseparable from deepening your relationship with yourself. 
The better you know yourself and your values, the more informed and successful your time choices will be.

Enhancing your time management success means learning, practicing, and developing both internal and external skills. 
The external skills include things like identifying and prioritizing goals, and learning to set and maintain time boundaries.  They work in tandem with the internal skills.

Autonomy, self-reference, and integrity are key to sustaining meaningful time choices. 
Often a great deal of energy is bound up in people’s unresolved questions and/or old “messages” about what is truly most important.  Exploring and clarifying these conflicts can free up a great deal of vitality.

Turning inward will give you access to your own answers.
The ultimate answers to our most pressing questions and challenges usually lie within, and can be arrived at through an organic process.

3 more core principles…

Boundaries matter.
Creating assertive boundaries and learning to communicate them effectively is a key tool in time management success.

So does connection.
Gratitude and compassion, practiced regularly, are empowering avenues of connection with yourself, with others, and with each moment.

Community energizes and extends your experience.
Creating and participating in communities helps you deepen and sustain your learning.  There’s a transformative energy that helps move you beyond where you could get on your own.

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