The Little Things — How Appreciation Enlarges Them and You

sunrise-the little things
The little things sustain us.

The little things may not be so little after all.

Indeed, when you make time to appreciate the little things, you give yourself one of life’s greatest joys. 

Unfortunately, though, when we get caught up in all the challenges of our busy days, this is a joy that we often neglect to give ourselves.

In thinking about this, the other day, I was reminded of two quotations that I’ve always found very meaningful:

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.

Cynthia Ozick

Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things.


So, what about the little things?

When making decisions and time choices in our lives, the foundational goal, for many of us, is to always be sure that the basics are taken care of.  Food, shelter, clothing — we strive to make these “givens” — and many of us have succeeded very well at that. 

We feel that we can count on those basics. And then we tend to forget about them, even though they are the foundation on which everything about our lives rests.

Then something happens. Maybe it’s an economic meltdown, a health problem, or a natural disaster.

Whatever it is, the life we created is in disarray and upheaval.  The things that we took as givens now seem like luxuries.

Appreciation for what is.

I find it very grounding and eye-opening to remind myself of the fragility of the life I have constructed.  This I do, not to frighten myself or create unnecessary worry, but to deepen my gratitude for each and every gift that I am receiving each and every day. 

So, from the warm home that I awaken in, to the luxury of having choices for lunch, to being able to do the work I love, I am grateful.

When I let myself feel this, I experience my moments in a whole new way. My feet are firmly on the ground. I feel expansive as I enlarge my vision gratefully to include those so-called little things that sustain me.

So, as you move through your everyday life, what are the “small” things that you are grateful for?  How will you let the Attitude of Gratitude more thoroughly permeate your days? 

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