The Power of Visualization — How to Make Sure It Serves You

The power of visualization…

The power of visualization is something that I often encourage people to try.

But finding time isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

In fact, it often involves adjusting to your own particular needs and style.

So, that’s why self-knowledge and flexibility are key ingredients in honing your time and energy management skills.

As an example, here’s an interesting response I recently received to one of my Finding Time Tips.

The Power of Visualization:

Here’s the tip:

Tap the power of visualization to help coordinate your life.

The tip was accompanied by this action step:

Review your to-do list before going to bed, and visualize your next day. If your ‘trial run’ reveals possible logjams, jot down ways to overcome them.  You’ll sleep better.

Here’s the response I received:

Martha wrote:  “I like visualizing as a way to plan but doing it right before bed does not help my sleep.  It just makes my mind run with contingency planning and things to remember, even if I write them down.”

This is a helpful observation, and I’m betting that many share this challenge.  Here’s what I suggested to Martha; and you can try it, too.

If visualizing your plan the night before keeps you awake, try another angle.  For example, at night you might want to find an affirmation and repeat it like a mantra before sleep. It could be something like, “I sleep deeply and awake refreshed.”  You might find this very helpful as a nightly ritual.

Then do your planning in the morning.  For your visualization, try finding one area that you’re excited about. Or you might tap the power of visualization to address something you’re apprehensive about. In both cases, picture yourself being successful. Be as detailed and concrete about this as you can.

Now, make a plan for incorporating this powerful tool into your life at a time that works for you.

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