These 3 P’s Help you Make Your Best Time Choices

Moment of Choice
The 3 P’s help you choose wisely.

You’ve heard of the 3 R’s, but what are the 3 P’s?

They are your key to making time choices that help you use your time for whatever is most important to you.

Making conscious time choices is a skill that serves you well, no matter what your goals are or what is happening in your life.

And your choices are the bedrock for whatever comes next. So choosing consciously and choosing wisely help keep you on track and connected with your heart.

The 3 P’s start with YOU

I recently exchanged some e-mails with a reader of The Time Finder and was struck by a quotation from former UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden that he included at the end of his e-mails.  It goes as follows:

There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end the choice you make makes you.

John Wooden

It’s no exaggeration to say that time choices, from the smallest to the largest, have a powerful and subtle ripple effect.  They shape what comes next, quite literally, as well as affecting our perspective and approach as we move through our days.

The 3 P’s

So what are the 3 P’s of time choices, and why are they so important?  In approaching your time choices I suggest that you strive to assure that they are:

  • Proactive,
  • Productive, and
  • Positive.

Let’s take a look at each of the 3 P’s to unpack what they offer.


This is a core time management skill that has a profound impact on both your time choices and your attitude.

Making proactive time choices means that you are in charge.  You cannot simultaneously hold a victim stance and be proactive; it’s simply impossible.  So, when “stuff happens,” as we all know it does, your first choice is between being reactive or proactive.

Even when overwhelm is looming, it’s possible to pause, gather yourself, and be in charge of your response.  Making proactive (rather than reactive) time choices is a powerful and foundational time management skill.

You are concretely empowering yourself.  And as you begin taking steps to be more proactive you’ll see and feel the effects. The more you do it, the easier and more enjoyable it gets.


When you make productive time choices you contribute to your time success by moving toward your goals.  That seems pretty self-evident. However, what’s important here is that you base your choices on solid self-knowledge.

In a situation where you are pushing to complete a project and are overtired or hungry, your most productive time choice might be to give yourself a break rather than to keep going at it.  

You are the best judge here, and what’s key is to take responsibility to know yourself and know what works best for you.  There’s no right or wrong when it comes to time success. It’s what works that counts.


Making positive time choices is the third of the 3 P’s.  This skill has to do with:

  • The content of your time choices,
  • Your perspective on them, and most importantly,
  • What part of you is making these choices.

If you hear a self-critical tone embedded in your choices, or perhaps a voice that sounds victimized and beleaguered, then you can be sure that your choices aren’t positive and you aren’t fully behind them.  

And what this means in practice is that you are out of alignment.  You are not optimizing your energy and effort.  And you can pretty much guarantee that somewhere along the line, things will fall apart.

The 3 P’s help you do it…

Time success is within your reach.  That’s what I hope you will take away from this post. When you recognize the importance of each and every time choice, and keep in mind the 3 P’s, you can attain your goals, whether they are big or small.  

Something else to consider…

You hold the power to make conscious choices about the kinds of messages you give yourself. As you exercise this power, you’ll develop new clarity and confidence – and transform your time.

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