Thinking 15: This Time Skill Takes Snippets of Time and Works Wonders


Thinking-15 captures snippets of time.

Thinking 15. What’s that?

Well, since finding time is always a great gift, one of my passions is helping you find more of it.

One of the questions we sometimes ask here at The Time Finder is, “What if you could find another hour every day?

It’s not a rhetorical question. You can find MORE than an hour every week, I’m positive. The secret to finding more time for yourself is by developing the skill that I call “Thinking 15.”

Read on, and I’ll show you how.

So, what is “Thinking 15”?

Thinking 15” means looking at 15-minutes as the time-block that you build your day, and your daily plan around. It means knowing that 15-minutes is plenty of time for many, many tasks in your life. You may not be able to complete a task in 15-minutes – but you can always make a start!

When you’re “Thinking 15” you’ll find that you are making choices about time in a whole new way. What if you have 15-minutes between the dinner dishes and your coaching call? You won’t let that precious time go, thinking that there’s nothing on your plate that takes just 15-minutes.

Something is better than nothing.

Rather than letting that time go by, when you’re “Thinking 15” you might make a start on a task that you haven’t been getting to. Or how about jumping on the treadmill for a quick run, or lifting some weights? You could return a phone call or respond to some e-mails. Or you might choose to take the moment and sit quietly with yourself, as Connie Ragen Green and I suggested in a previous post.

In all of these examples, the operative concepts are:

  • “Thinking 15” and
  • Recognizing that whether you consciously choose or not, you’re always making time choices!

As you go through your day, I guarantee that you will find “Thinking 15” to be a very useful tool for both finding and using time more effectively.

How many 15-minute time blocks can you reclaim and put to use today? Leave a comment below and share your experience. I’d love to hear from you.

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