Thrive Your Way Through Transition Times

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Thrive your way through change…

You can thrive your way through changes, but it isn’t always easy. 

Changes and transitions are a fact of life.

And transition times hold challenges and opportunities.  Challenges, because your life is in some kind of upheaval, and opportunities for the exact same reason.

And the good news here is that you can thrive your way through when you know the choice is truly yours.

Challenge or opportunity?

You can redirect your energy to transform transitions into one or the other – it’s your choice.  So, are you interested in exploring your power?  Ready to start thriving in the face of transition times?  Here’s a quick inventory to supercharge your resourcefulness so you can thrive your way through.

Take an inventory:

Consider changes that have recently taken place in your world. They might be large or small – a transition is a transition, no matter the size.  I suggest that you grab pen and paper and do this in writing. That’s because a written list helps you scan the big picture.  It externalizes and objectifies the information and activates the problem-solving portion of your brain. Ultimately, your written inventory will also help you prioritize and realign your transition time choices.

  • Get a Transition Overview:  Write down every current transition or change that comes to mind.  Pay attention to the areas of your life they affect, too.
  • What’s the Impact?  Consider how each transition or change affects your current time choices.  Write down what strikes you.
  • Affirm Yourself!  Be sure to appreciate each and every way you have met your challenges so far. Write out each validation; this powerfully counteracts overwhelm and keeps you in touch with your personal strengths.
  • Need to Let Go? Notice when you try to squeeze in new activities without letting go of old ones? Where are you pressed for time as a result, and what can you release?
  • Find Your Balance Point: Quietly observe places where your life is now out of balance. How does this affect your energy throughout the day? With this new consciousness, make new transition time choices to address this.

This quick transition inventory offers new perspective about unmanageable portions of your day and can highlight serious drains on your energy battery.  You may also recognize just how much you are accomplishing.

Thrive your way through…

Whatever you discover, know that every piece of information you have gathered can be put to work to craft transition time choices that effectively address your current situation. Now that you have an enhanced awareness of the big picture, you can focus on your individual steps with fresh creativity and confidence.

So how will you get started making new choices today?

More help to thrive your way through…

Do you ever feel like change is coming at you too fast, or like it just arrives, uninvited, out of the blue?

I’ve recently been working with a client who was blind-sided by the sudden passing of a long-time co-worker. It’s turned her work life upside down and has also shaken her on a deep and personal level because this co-worker was the same age and also a good friend.

It’s brought up all kinds of big questions, on top of grief, and new work demands. The stresses and questions are piling up and she is feeling disoriented and anxious.

We’ve been working together on this for several weeks now. And today I shared a new time tool with her. I want to share it with you as well.

It’s titled How to Partner with Change and Aging. And to discover more about it right now, you can click here.

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