Time and Energy Tracking Tool to Boost Your Productivity

time and energyTime and energy are probably the two most important ingredients in your success, every single day.  But do you know where you spend your time and energy as you moments unfold?

Many of us just don’t.  So, it’s a good bet that your time and energy may well be disappearing in ways you’d never consciously choose.  It’s that word “consciously” that’s the key!

Time and Energy:  How Do They Interact?

This is where an intriguing, free app from Mindbloom called Juice comes in.  Recently reviewed in lifehacker, Juice offers a way to track your activities each day and, in conjunction with that, rate your energy levels.

After 7 days of doing this, Juice will give you a report that includes suggestions for how you can improve.

Time and Energy:  Give Yourself a Boost with Juice

Juice allows you to see what habits and activities contribute to your energy, and what might be sapping it.  Then, once you can see, you can decide what you want to change.  According to the review on lifehacker:

As the app learns about you, it’ll offer up nutrition, stress, health, and sleep tips to help you improve the areas that have the greatest effect on your energy level and mood.

An added feature that I found particularly interesting and helpful was the capacity to set up a schedule for the app to send you time and energy boosting tips!

Here’s a brief video showing a bit of what Juice does and how it works.

Unfortunately, Juice is available only for iOS devices at this time, so if you don’t have an Apple device you won’t be able to access this time and energy application – at least not at this time.

But, if you do have an iPad or iPhone, you may want to check it out.

I find its time and energy boosting possibilities very intriguing and am pleased to be able to highlight Juice for you today!

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The booklet “How to Create Credibility as a Freelancer puts 70 expert-proven tips into your hands.  These tips will help you recharge your energy and motivation, increase your visibility, and sharpen those vital organizational and time management skills.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Juice and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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  1. I love the ‘juice’ you shared, hopefully I can try it soon. Meanwhile, if I may share a tool to boost productivity this software I’ve tried for almost 2 years now is pretty useful to keep track of your time and how you spent it in doing productive things.

  2. Thank you, Anthony. I will take a look at that software tool – and appreciate your letting me know about it!



  3. Sophia Walks says

    I mostly doesn’t think of the energy when ever the time factor comes into picture. Mostly the tool that keeps track of the time doesn’t help track the energy what I have studied. And mostly time tracking has to be perfect with the business model. We use tools for time tracking and management which in sense doesn’t look after the energy.

    • Thanks for sharing this information, Sophia. You are correct that energy can be difficult to measure. But I would argue that it has a huge impact on how we use – and how we experience – our time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll share more thoughts as we move ahead!

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