Time and Talk – What You Say to Yourself Really Matters!

Self-Talk and Time

Your self-talk profoundly impacts your time.

Time is precious and limited. The energy that you bring to your time affects how you experience it and how you use it. And going one step deeper — how you talk to yourself has a profound effect on your energy — and by extension on your time and your life.

Last fall I read an excellent post by Karyn Greenstreet titled Let’s Talk About Fear.  Karyn offers a compelling and readable overview of how fear impacts us all – and how our self-talk feeds it.  Early on she quotes Jack Canfield, who says, “Figure out how you’re scaring yourself. Then acknowledge that you are creating your fear and you’ll start to triumph over it.”

The good news here is that when you acknowledge your role in creating your reality you move to an empowered place.  This might seem counter-intuitive at first, because it may feel like you are ‘blaming’ yourself. But it’s not about blame at all – it’s about ownership and power.

Once you accept where you are and begin to see how you got there, you begin to see doorways opening to different choices.

And — oh my goodness — once you start opening doors, the possibilities expand exponentially!

Stop Playing the Blame Game

So let’s look closer at ownership versus blame, because it’s a stumbling block for so many people.  If you approach yourself from a self-critical place, you see mistakes as BAD and learning from them becomes virtually impossible.  Mistakes are to be hidden. If they are visible, your Inner Critic will pounce!

As you might imagine, if you are unable to even LOOK at your mistakes, it’s extremely difficult to learn from them.

But viewed another way — viewed with compassion and curiosity — your mistakes become your best teachers. There is no blame; instead, you are able to own your mistakes and glean the rich lessons they offer.

This is a powerful path!

So, what if your Voices lifted you up instead of bringing you down?

To help you travel the path toward your power, I am very excited to offer our most beloved Finding Time Product in an exciting new, enhanced format.  It’s my Exercise and Guide Book “These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy” How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time

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The good news is that you possess well-springs of untapped potential, including the power to turn away from your Inner Critic and replace that negative voice with truthful and affirming messages that add to your confidence and sense of self-worth.

It’s possible – it really is.  And you hold the keys. Learn how to take charge of your self-talk as never before by clicking this link!

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