Time Balance Puts You in Harmony with Yourself: 2 More Timely Tips

BalanceTime balance is a time management skill that enables you to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness, while minimizing your effort.

When you are in balance, your energy flows because you are in harmony with yourself.  Living in balance means you give yourself the time and space to live each and every moment fully.

Does that sound good to you?

Well, yesterday we posted 3 timely tips for enhancing your energy with time balance.  Today I want to share 2 more timely tips about this important subject.

1.  Balance is activated by aware actions.

Observing yourself and then embracing the lessons you learn from your observations and your intuition (or inner guide) are fundamental balance skills. Work to attune yourself to the signals your body provides and you’ll start to receive very meaningful data about your true assessment of your situation, your environment and your choices. When you open to receive this powerful, unfiltered information and you’ll enable yourself to act from an enlightened, inspired, and balanced position.

2.  Balance is learning to create harmony with yourself.

Using your time and energy harmoniously smooths out the wrinkles in your day. You feel more content and grounded when you create a sturdy and balanced base for your daily activities. Assess your time choices and motivation by asking yourself questions about how you are using your time in the moment. What do you need more or less of to create a really balanced base? How are you off-center? What happens? How can you regain your balance in the moment?

When you give yourself time balance you build your day on a solid foundation and give yourself the best possible chance for success!   Letting your body and your heart’s wisdom speak gives you vital information so that you can live, breathe and work in harmony with yourself.  This is one of the easiest ways in the world to energize your moments and step into your own proactive power … today and every day!

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