Time Boundaries — Build Your Foundation in 3 Simple Steps

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Time boundaries really help!

Time boundaries are key to making powerful and effective time choices. Recently I wrote about proactive time choices.

We had just touched on the subject of time boundaries. So let’s continue…

Time boundaries create space.

Setting time boundaries begins with a state of mind. Like the edging and mulch around your garden, time boundaries can create the space necessary for good things to take root, grow, and thrive.

So let’s get started with three foundational steps for setting your time boundaries

Step 1 — Believe!

Before you can set your own boundaries around time choices, you have to believe that it’s an important and useful thing for you to do. If you don’t buy into this idea yourself, it’ll definitely be a hard sell for the other people in your life!

Step 2 — Start small and reap big rewards

If time boundaries are new to you, start out slowly. Don’t set yourself up by biting off more than you can chew. Setting your first time boundary may feel uncomfortable, but keep at it. The rewards are concrete and powerful!

First, set a small time boundary for yourself. See how that feels. Make it something that appeals to you, but isn’t too disruptive to others … something like taking quiet time at the start or end of the day – or going for a walk at noontime. The key is to start small and build from there.

Step 3 — Ready for bigger steps?

Finding time when you need a longer span of time to accomplish your tasks can test the boundary-setting skills that you’re developing!

Suppose you have a certain routine that gives you an energetic start to your day. Your routine includes:

  • Getting up;
  • Exercising and/or meditating;
  • Taking a shower;
  • Dressing;
  • Making and eating breakfast; and
  • Leaving the house in time to get to work (or do whatever you have planned for the day).

That’s a great routine, and it takes a good chunk of morning time to move through it.

If you live alone, your challenge is different (and probably simpler) than if you live with others. Many of us need to ask for cooperation from others (spouse, children, friends, etc.) in order to accomplish this routine each day. So there really are two issues here – creating time boundaries and asking for help!

Try it this weekend. Take as many steps as you feel comfortable with.

How does it feel to carve out even five minutes for yourself? Remember to start small, and keep at it.

And drop me a line … I’d love to hear how your experiment goes.

Let’s explore time together …


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