Time Boundaries and Time Balance: Just Ask Paula!

BoundariesBoundaries are essential tools for successfully navigating through your days and getting things done.  Today I’d like to share a question from a reader.

It’s a question about boundaries and it offers an opportunity to explore how your time boundaries help you create and sustain time balance in your life.

Sylvia, from Tampa wrote with the following question about boundaries:

Paula, I know that boundaries can help me in all sorts of ways, but I don’t know where to begin.  Can you give me some examples of an essential boundary list?

Then maybe give an example of how far to expand them, and how.


Time Boundaries:  What’s Essential?

Hi Sylvia,

In response, I’d like to emphasize that your time boundaries will be unique to you and to your circumstances.

As far as “essentials” go, each individual will develop her or his own list after assessing life demands, goals and core values.

I emphasize core values because it’s easy to get lost in the hundreds of competing demands that we all experience in our daily lives. Your values provide you with a rudder and with a way to prioritize those demands.

Boundaries Help You Balance

The other thing that can get lost in the shuffle is time for yourself. As far as time boundaries go, time for yourself is essential.

These particular time boundaries are also an area where I would encourage expansion. In part that is because these self care time boundaries are the ones that are most easily eroded for most of us.

Strive to keep in mind how important and necessary it is to replenish yourself. Lacking that balance and inner resilience makes it that much more difficult to maintain your other time boundaries.

Not only that, but if you are depleting yourself, you will find it more difficult to use your time productively.

I hope this is helpful.

Warmest regards,


Self Care Time Boundaries:  Do YOU Maintain Them?

So, that’s your question to ponder today.  Have you established any self care time boundaries?  And if so, do you maintain them or let them dissolve in the face of daily demands?  What can you do to help yourself keep those important promises and maintain your time balance?

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