Time Boundaries — What’s Your Baseline for this Vital Time Skill?

fence creates time boundaries

Your time boundaries – are they in good shape?

Time boundaries are key to your time success. But boundary-setting isn’t something that comes naturally.

Indeed, setting and maintaining time boundaries requires assertiveness, clarity, discipline, and practice.

It’s a lifetime learning process, so be patient with yourself. You’ll get there.

Remember, that strong boundaries are fundamental to managing your time.

And here’s something else to consider, building on our previous post: The more your time boundaries align with your values, the more they’ll be in harmony with your energy and the easier they’ll be to maintain.

Communication is Key

Another crucial aspect of setting time boundaries is learning and practicing ways to communicate those boundaries to other people in a non-confrontational way.

Assertiveness, clarity, and consistency are important. Let people know the why, when and how of your time boundary, and then be sure to follow through on what you’ve said. My Finding Time Success Kit, which includes the Finding Time Boundary Template, helps you with this and is immediately available on our Time Resources Page.

Your Time Boundaries – Taking Stock

For now, though, let’s step back and take stock of where we are:

  • Do you have enough time for yourself and what you need to do?
  • Do you feel stressed and pressed for time?
  • Have you ever taken a survey of your life’s boundaries?

Take out a sheet of paper. Think about the time boundaries you have set for yourself and list them on the paper.

This is your boundaries baseline. What does this tell you about your time boundaries? Do you need more?

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