Time Boundaries-Create Yours with a Quick Visualization

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Time boundaries – visualize yours and find time!

Time boundaries are time tools that help you harness your energy, maintain your focus, and live your moments as fully as possible – no matter what your goals may be for those moments!

So think about it: What if you could weed out all the tiresome distractions that interfere with your day? Enjoy this simple visualization to learn how to put time boundaries to work for you.

Time management tips help you cultivate your power over your life. Once you start exploring time boundaries you’ll discover that maintaining time boundaries powerfully reinforces your time management strategies. Until you set successful boundaries, you can’t protect even the best schedule.

Time Boundaries – How Saying No is Saying Yes!

When you successfully maintain your time boundaries you may feel like you are saying “no” more often than “yes.” But the reality is that each time your “no” supports a time boundary, you are actually saying “yes” to the things that are most important to you!

If you say yes to everything, your day will be overflowing – but not necessarily with the things that you value. It will be filled with a mishmash of crisis demands, interruptions, distractions, and other people’s needs. Your own goals might be pushed out of reach. And however frantically you rush to catch up, you may not be able to retrieve what really matters. What happens to your time and your temper when this occurs? And what happens to your relationships with coworkers, friends, and family?

On the other hand, when you exercise your power to choose and maintain your time boundaries, you let go of needless stress and frustration. Your “no” in the moment creates the possibility of many “yesses” as you apply your energies toward the things you value and the dreams you want to achieve!

To create a supportive environment to set boundaries for your upcoming day, try this short visualization:

How to Cultivate Your Garden of Time: A Short Visualization

  • Picture yourself tending your garden. As any gardener knows, if the weeds are left to their own devices they will choke out the plants that you are trying to nurture.
  • Now envision the day ahead of you as a landscape you are cultivating. Where are the activities that create meaning and flow in your life? Those are the gardens of intentionality. They provide color, clear pathways, and refreshing shade. Where are the weeds and thickets that interfere with your progress? These are the areas where you must do your spadework.
  • Creating and maintaining time boundaries is a lot like weeding. It gives your dreams a chance to flourish! In the same way that you leave space around your favorite flowers so they can thrive, do your best to leave open space in your schedule to ensure that your most significant activities have breathing space.

Establishing new boundaries, like weeding, can begin anywhere, and needs to be maintained. You may start with the “time weeds” that are easiest to pull, or the ones that threaten your favorite activities. Follow your intuition, and take a few moments to appreciate how helpful each new boundary is. Every success will help you reclaim more territory.

Your Boundaries are Your Power

As you exercise your skills to create and maintain boundaries, you will experience a shift of power. The more you look to yourself to make your day work, the more confidence you feel. The less you rely on others to salvage your battered plans, the less pressure you feel to give into others’ demands. You create an upward spiral of personal effectiveness!

Your relationships also benefit. The more you rely on yourself, the less other people will frustrate you, and the less you will attempt to control others. You enjoy more ease and appreciation, and others respond to your new openness. The happier you are with the garden of your day, the more you will enjoy inviting others in.

So, what additional time tools do you need to cultivate your dreams and make the most of your time?

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