Setting a Time Boundary Cuts Stress and is a Gift to Yourself

Time Boundary Wall Path

Your time boundary is your gift to yourself.

When you set a time boundary, you are not only reducing stress for yourself. You are also giving yourself a gift of time.

This isn’t magic, though. It’s a time management skill that you develop with patience and steady practice.

When you’re busy, finding time isn’t always easy. And without the ability to set and maintain time boundaries, it can feel impossible.

Whenever you set a time boundary, you are creating the space to meet your goals, address your priorities, and live your values.

Without this space, you can assume that your goals and priorities will get lost in the shuffle.

Lots of people worry that when they set a time boundary they are going to make friends, co-workers, or family members angry. One way to help yourself with this is to visualize people’s responses to your boundary.

Visualize then Build

Here are two tips to help you overcome the fear of setting a time boundary and build your boundary-setting skills:

  1. Develop a script outlining what you will say if someone challenges a boundary you have set. Practice this script before you actually need it. Keep adding to it, as you learn what works with different co-workers, family members, and friends.
  1. If you feel ambivalent about your time boundary, have a dialogue with yourself to resolve your conflict before discussing it with others. Once you’re clear and settled, others will sense your determination. This will diminish their incentive to ‘test’ your boundary.

As you practice and develop your boundary-setting skills, drop me a line and let me know how it’s going.

How would it feel to have another hour in your day? You can.

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