Time Choices: 3 Tips for Using Templates This Holiday Time

Time TemplatesTime flies, doesn’t it?  How many of you are amazed at how quickly the time goes from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the December holidays?

But even though the time feels like it speeds by, your time choices can help you to enjoy one day at a time as you progress from holiday to holiday.  And the time to start making these wise time choices is now!

Time Templates:  3 Tips

The ability to focus is key. Making the decision to treat each holiday as an individual event really helps.  So will these three tips for tapping into the power of Time Templates.

1. Trim time with templates.

Perhaps the most valuable tool to help you make good choices around time is the use of templates.

Every individual in every family cherishes certain holiday traditions. To keep track of these special rituals and traditions, use what you have learned from past celebrations.  Map out the holidays that are important to you and yours, and then create a template for what makes each holiday special and unique for you and your family.

2. List the rituals.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving, since it’s right on the horizon for folks in the States.  Document your family’s traditional ways of celebrating this holiday.

You can make it easy for yourself by arranging the list into the particular tasks that will ensure that you and your family have everything available and in order for your celebration.

Be inclusive:  Rather than focusing on a static ‘snapshot’ of the holiday meal as the end point, consider how each individual who will be at your Thanksgiving table can contribute as an integral part of the entire process.  Also, be sure that your task-list includes the “little things” that carry special meaning for each person.

3. Delegate tasks while honoring tradition.

Many hands make light work – AND make it more fun, too!  When the coordination of all the preparatory tasks begins, everyone can do his/her share and still preserve the traditions.

When everyone gathers at the table, each person feels special because your task template noted what each person notices and appreciates AND because so many had a hand in making the event happen.  Participation is inclusive and empowering.  Try to have a variety of tasks on your template, so that everyone who wants to, from the youngest to the oldest, can join in the fun.

BONUS TIP:  Using templates has a very important added bonus.  Once you have your traditions recorded in templates, you are no longer the only source or the keeper of the keys to your family traditions. You can relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that everything will occur on time and in a way that honors everyone sharing your celebrations.

Without this responsibility, your anxiety diminishes, and you will find the time to do the things that make the holidays joyous for you.

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