Time Choices: Distill Daily Lessons and Thrive!

time choicesTime choices:  They are the small (and not-so-small) decisions that give shape to our days, weeks, months, and years!

In recent blog posts, I’ve encouraged you to harvest your best time choices from last year, and my guess is that you have a lot of choices to review!

Time Choices:  How About a Quick, Daily Review?

To make this easy and productive, I recommend that you distill lessons on a daily basis, then review them once a week to assimilate them. You benefit immediately, and annual reviews become far easier to conduct.

After all, your yearly lessons grow out of daily trial and error. By noticing how you progress today and why, you build stronger observation skills, and with this, you perceive important shifts in your environment more quickly.

So create a healthy habit of documenting your best time choices. It needn’t take long. By doing so, you’re far more likely to find the time you’re looking for. And as an added incentive, with a more mindful focus you’ll feel more grounded and contented.

Time Choices:  Take 5 to Thrive

Set aside 5 minutes as you wind down your day. Write down your most effective time choices. Then, once a week, take another 5 minutes to review your notes. See what significant patterns emerge. Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

  1. What motivated you to try something new?
  2. What were your action steps?
  3. How did you remain on course when you encountered obstacles?
  4. What strengths are you building?
  5. How can you benefit from these lessons in upcoming projects?

As you complete this exercise, remember that short, concise answers take less time AND focus your energies!

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