Your Time Choices and Your Holiday Time — De-Stress Yourself

Holiday Stress Don't Panic

De-stress your holiday time today.

Holiday times are certainly busy times.

And I don’t know about you, but does time feel like time accelerates during the holiday season?

I know it’s not concretely true, but it certainly can feel like the time seems to fly from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the December holidays.

While, factually speaking, there are 24-hours in every day no matter what time of year it is, right about now it often seems like time is truncated.

You hold the key to de-stressing your holiday times.

So, your time choices determine whether time flies and you struggle to keep up, or you savor each day as you progress from holiday to holiday. And the time to start deciding which kinds of choices you want to make is right now.

For starters, keep in mind that looking too far ahead is usually going to add unnecessarily to your stress.  Yes, it’s important to have the big picture in mind, but then you need to ‘chunk down’ your tasks to keep things manageable.

The ability to focus is key.

Don’t surrender to the quiet dread that many people say they experience as retailers blare and blend every holiday from October to January. Stay with the moment, and decide, instead, to treat each holiday as an individual event.

Just because Thanksgiving has passed by, that doesn’t mean you have to rush toward the next holiday on the horizon.  It’s okay to digest a little bit and appreciate the experience before moving on.

No time like the present…

This is a great time to start practicing some of the time tips we’ve been exploring. Beginning today, try some of the time tools we have been discussing here at The Time Finder. They can help you maintain the cherished traditions that you, your friends and family have developed over the years, without getting overwhelmed in the process.

Small changes have a huge impact.

As you prepare for holiday events, think about what might enhance your enjoyment of the season. Consider these questions to get started:

  • Would stronger time boundaries help you focus and accomplish what you need to?
  • How do you keep clear about your time priorities and your values (and keep from feeling frazzled) as you juggle all the tasks that need to get done?
  • How do you manage the transition from one holiday to the next?

Perhaps the most valuable tool to help you make good choices around time is the use of templates. This is generally true, and perhaps especially so at busy and tradition-laden times like holidays.

Please stay tuned. We’re about to launch a new product at a special, early-bird rate. So watch your inbox for more about de-stressing for holiday times, and ANY times.

Let’s explore time together …

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